Zametki na polyah (akor168) wrote,
Zametki na polyah

wigner's paper - история публикации

Публикации говорите. Peer review.
А вот например такая история:

Von Neumann’s writings make it clear that he well understood the importance
of this theory for quantum mechanics, and he strongly encouraged his friend
Wigner to develop the theory in the case of the Poincar´e group. Wigner’s paper
doing so [2] later became the most referenced work of the twentieth century(смотри сноску).

A collection of the most referenced works was published years later by Springer. It is interesting,
and representative of the relations between mathematics and physics, that Wigner’s paper
was originally submitted to a Springer physics journal. It was rejected, and Wigner was seeking
a physics journal that might take it when von Neumann told him not to worry, he would get it
into the Annals of Mathematics. Wigner was happy to accept his offer. (Verbal information from

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