Zametki na polyah (akor168) wrote,
Zametki na polyah

Ulov 3

Strast' i magiya (zheny malaiskogo radzhi izvodyat drug druga)

"Tulo-vishe budet"

Problemy s Photoshop

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<A href="">Strast' i magiya (zheny malaiskogo radzhi izvodyat drug druga)</A>

<A href="">"Tulo-vishe budet"</A>

<A href="">Problemy s Photoshop</A>

<A href="">Sila televizora</A>

<A href="">Fighting, in dollars and cents (ssylka ot "agasfer")</A>

<A href="">Kto zhe vse taki izobrel radio?</A>

<A href="">Prikladnaya logika (anekdot)</A>

<A href="">Ko dnyu kosmonavtiki (po ssylke ot "zug")</A>

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