Zametki na polyah (akor168) wrote,
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Mathematical Limericks

Просматривая старые "Monthly", наткнулся на любопытные лимерики. Наиболее понравившиеся решил процитировать в журнале:

Chicago's Mathematical Forces,
Despite their numerous resources
Always adorn,
With the Lemma of Zorn,
At least ninety percent of their courses.

Professor Adrian Albert said who
Can tell me a theorem that's true
The ones that I know
Are simply not so
When the characteristic is two.

A mathematician confided
That a Mobius strip is one-sided.
You'll get quite a laugh
If you cut it in half
For it stays in one piece when divided.

Mathematicians try hard to floor us
With a non-orientable torus
The bottle of Klein
They say is divine
But it is so exceedingly porous.

Once a man whose name wouldn't rhyme
Found an unbelievably large prime
But with no place to store it
He had no use for it
So Dick Lehmer got it for a dime

There was a young fellow named Ben
Who could only count modulo ten.
He said, "When I go
Past my last little toe,
I shall have to start over again."

The binary system is fun
For with it strange things can be done
And two as you know
Is a one and an oh
And five is one hundred and one.

A function from feeling inferior
Felt life monotonically drearier
With a hell of a yell
That jumped into L
And converged to the limit superior.

Said a monkey as he swang by his tail
To his children both male and female
From your off springs my dears
In some millions of years
May emerge a professor at Yale.

A mathematician O'Flaherty
Invented a new singularity
Where the Z plane corrodes
And the function explodes
Well you'll have to admit it's a rarity.

Взято отсюда (нужна подписка, из буржуйских универов должно работать):

Mathematical Limericks

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